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Filled wrong fuel in vehicle?
Petrol in diesel car
diesel in petrol car or
AdBlue in diesel tank by mistake


Need help with contaminated fuel?

Filled wrong fuel in your vehicle?

Call Petrol Medic UK

Wrong fuel roadside

Filled petrol in diesel car? You are on the right place. Give us a call and we can help you out, even if you drove your car with contaminated fuel.

wrong fuel drain

Filled diesel fuel in your petrol car? Give us a call and our expert advisors can help you out to fix your car.

wrong fuel recovery

Accidentally filled AdBlue in the diesel fuel tank? You turned on the engine too? We still can help.


Fill the wrong fuel in car is a very common problem in the UK. Every 3 minutes someone does it. To avoid any circulation if you've put petrol in diesel car, diesel in petrol car, or AdBlue in diesel fuel tank, don't start your engine, and don't turn the key. Call us and wait until our specialised wrong fuel doctor arriving. If you've filled AdBlue in diesel tank, we can help even if the engine has been started.


Putting the wrong fuel in car, also known as "misfuel" is a very common occurrence. In the UK an average of 400 motorists a day are fill the wrong fuel in car (petrol in diesel, diesel in petrol), which is the equivalent to one misfuel every 3 minutes. Do not worry, you are not the only one! Wrong fuel recovery technicians on standby to assist you 24/7 if petrol in diesel car, diesel in petrol car and AdBlue in diesel fuel tank.


Have you just put the wrong fuel into your car?

Have you just mistakenly

put petrol in diesel car

diesel in petrolcar

or AdBlue in diesel fuel tank?

If you have, our highly trained wrong fuel recovery technicians can help. Our MOSTLY covered areas including









Our wrong fuel rescue team drains wrongly filled petrol or diesel from your fuel tank and take the necessary measures to get your vehicle back on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just added the wrong in car at a petrol station or if you’ve driven your car with the wrong fuel. Whatever the wrong fuel problem may be, our wrong fuel doctors will have you on your way in the shortest possible time. There’s no need to be embarrassed if you’ve put the wrong fuel in car. An astonishing 300,000 UK motorists make the same mistake every year, that’s one case of somebody putting petrol in a diesel car or diesel into a petrol car every three minutes! We provide fast mobile fuel drain services for customers who make this simple yet highly inconvenient wrong fuel error. Call our wrong fuel recovery helpline, let us know your location and tell us your vehicle type etc. We’ll arrange for one of our mobile fuel drain technicians to meet you and inform you on how long their arrival will be. Our highly regarded wrong fuel drain experts deliver a responsive service that drains the wrong fuel from your car at any location in in the UK


- Excessive/abnormal smoke (more excessive usual)

- Lack of power (slower than usual acceleration)

- Engine stalling/misfiring

- Struggling to start or not starting at all

- Unusual smell Petrol in Diesel give off distinctively different smells

- The engine management light illuminating

- Engine stopping altogether

Exploring Wrong Fuel Repair Costs: What to Expect?

If you’re a vehicle owner, you may have experienced the sinking feeling that comes with putting the wrong fuel into your tank. Whether it’s adding diesel instead of petrol, unleaded in diesel car or AdBlue in diesel fuel tak, this common mistake can have costly consequences. Luckily, there are professionals out there, who specialize in repairing this type of mishap. So, what can you expect when it comes to wrong fuel repair costs?

The cost of repairing wrong fuel varies depending on several factors. Firstly, the type of vehicle you own plays a significant role. Cars with larger engines or those that require specialized fuel can incur higher repair costs. Additionally, some vehicles have more complex fuel systems, making it more challenging and time-consuming to remove the wrong fuel.

Another factor that influences the cost is how soon you notice the mistake and take action. The longer the wrong fuel stays in your vehicle, the more damage it can cause. So, it’s important to act promptly and not to start the engine if you realize you’ve added the wrong fuel. If the fuel is replaced before any engine damage occurs, the repair costs will likely be minimal.

To give you an idea of the costs involved, a basic wrong fuel drain service can range from £120 to £400. Remove the AdBlue from the diesel tank can cost £300 to £1000. This service typically involves draining the contaminated fuel from the tank and flushing the fuel system. However, if the wrong fuel has caused significant damage to the engine or other components, the costs can escalate.

In some cases, additional repairs may be needed. This could include replacing fuel filters, fuel injectors, or even the entire fuel pump. Depending on the extent of the damage, these repairs can add several hundred pounds to the overall cost.

Who can help me if I put wrong fuel in car near me?

We can help! If you've put wrong fuel in your car, and need an urgent service, don't hesitate to call us anytime, and we drain and flush your vehicle at your location, without towing the car anywhere.

Petrol Doctor is a 24/7 emergency mobile wrong fuel drain service that helps you when you've mistakenly filled the wrong fuel in car. We are experts in fixing petrol in diesel car, diesel in petrol car or AdBlue in the diesel fuel tank. Our professional team provides wrong fuel recovery services for unleaded in a diesel, diesel in an unleaded car or accidentally AdBlue in the diesel fuel tank.

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